Behind the label: Does the clean label drive have unintended consequences for health and quality?

01:00pm CET (Paris)

Consumers see ingredients lists that are shorter and easily understandable as ‘cleaner’. This is often perceived as healthier and the clean label drive goes hand-in-hand with NOVA’s classification system of ultra-processed foods.

The trend is prompting manufacturers to target ingredients lists with five-or-fewer ‘store cupboard’ components. However, there is a risk that the clean label movement could see the removal of ingredients that fortify, stabilise or preserve foods. This raises concerns over health, food safety and shelf-life. At the same time, a short ingredients list does not necessarily mean a product is healthy or nutritious.

When a healthy diet is about making the right food choices – regardless of the level of processing – should we be looking beyond the label? And, as consumers and the industry continue to embrace cleaner labels, what label friendly solutions are being developed to deliver health and functionality benefits?

FoodNavigator is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the clean label trend, whether it has any undesirable outcomes and how the industry should respond.

Speakers: Leanne de Muijnck / Florence Cornish / Robert Verkerk, PhDAdrian ShortOliver Morrison

Exploring the evolution and market adoption of clean label ingredients

01:45pm CET (Paris)

Constantin Drapatz and Marcel Veenstra, from Ingredion, the Clean label experts will take you through how the adoption of clean label ingredients has changed the food and beverage industry in Europe forever. Consumers are demanding greater transparency from their labels, whilst being armed with mobile devices to look up anything they’re unsure of in the aisles.
We all know that clean label is good for consumers and as a result good for your business. The latest 2019 insights from Ingredion´s long-term clean label consumer research will highlight to you how clean label can help you achieve faster product development, increased sales during high season and reduced overheads to achieve increased margins.
Join our webinar to discover how you can increase your return on investment into clean label ingredients today.

Speaker: Constantin Drapatz

Achieving clean labels for food supplements

2:45pm CET (Paris)

As the supplement market itself evolves in light of the clean label movement, informed consumers are also seeking the same clean label credentials on supplement products as they have come to expect from food products. The purpose of the Clean Label Alliance is to offer assistance and guidance to dietary supplement companies to meet this demand by providing top-of-the-line resources and solutions to efficiently produce clean label supplements.
This webinar will explore the role of the Clean Label Alliance in today’s market and how advances in polymer science and capsule color development at Lonza Capsugel have led to a new generation of food colored and titanium dioxide-free capsules, designed to enable food supplement makers to stand out in the clean label space.

Speakers: Steve PeirceMorgan Laloux  / Stephane VOUCHE, M.Sc.

Natural Vanillin : a key ingredient to meet the clean label challenge

3:30pm CET (Paris)

“Back-to-basic”, “free- from”, “all natural”: whatever the words, Clean label is top trend in recent years, strongly pushed by Consumers. The whole food value chain need to adapt & find efficient solutions to switch to natural ingredients & develop new products that ensure full authenticity, simple labeling & easy to recognize ingredients on the final packaging.

Our experts will share with you a case study on vanilla and vanillin and explain how natural vanillin can bring new opportunities for growth.

Speaker: Corinne Duffy

Clean labels and food choice: Does the ingredients list drive purchase?

4:15pm CET (Paris)

Consumers care more about clean labels today than ever before, with growing demand for products that are perceived as natural and minimally processed. But does the average busy shopper really take the time to check the ingredients list? Or are other drivers – taste and price as well as socio-economic and cultural influences – more important factors in determining our food choices?

As the spotlight continues to shine on the clean label movement, we ask what is propelling it, what it really means to different consumer groups, and whether we are seeing a polarisation of sentiment on the topic in today’s fragmenting world.

Join FoodNavigator and an expert panel as we test the conventional wisdom that clean label is core to consumer purchase intent.

Speakers: Dr. Daniele AsioliDavid Peck  / Mike Hughes / Nick Kirby / Katy Askew