Adrian Short

Adrian Short

Co-owner & Director

Hi I’m Adrian Short. Back in the late 90’s Andrew Ulrick and I could see what was then the niche category of ‘Clean Label Ingredients’ was going to become mainstream. With that in mind we combined our experience and expertise in ingredients , cereals and crops with application knowledge across all processed foods and founded Ulrick&Short Limited with a view to developing functional clean label ingredients for food manufacturers.

Now in our 20th Year we have established ourselves as the leading British owned company in this field.

Manufacturing in five countries around the world utilising crops such as Wheat, Tapioca, Waxy Maize, Rice & Potato we have created a unique range of starches , fibres and proteins with a whole host of functions for all processed foods, supplying them to food manufacturers in the UK,Ireland, France, Germany, The Benelux countries and even as far Australia.

We offer food manufacturers the opportunity to simplify their ingredient declaration, improve nutritional profiles and remove unwanted allergens without compromising eating experience and maintaining stability and textural requirements.

If you think we can be of help then please do get in touch and speak to myself or one of the team — we are all very friendly!


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