Event Overview:

When it comes to the ingredients list, less is definitely more.

There is growing clarity around what the clean label trend means to the industry and consumers alike.

Today’s shoppers might not be asking for clean label products outright but they are seeking out foods and beverages with clean label attributes. These include familiar ingredients that are perceived as ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’. The phrase ‘real food’ has entered the general lexicon.

While the core message of the clean label drive is consistent, clean label products are evolving. Manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of the trend to generate excitement and stay one-step ahead of the expectations of consumers and regulators.

Savvy shoppers are asking more questions about how their foods are made, turning supply chain issues into consumer issues. Sourcing and sustainability have been placed the spotlight.

And while consumers don’t want cluttered ingredients lists, they are coming to expect more around functionality and positive ingredients attributes. As such, clean label additives are also being linked to specific health benefits.

In this FoodNavigator free-to-attend one-day online event, we explore how clean label and natural trends are developing, which claims to make and which to avoid and what consumers expect from food and beverage manufacturers.

FoodNavigator’s team of experts will profile the latest developments in natural ingredients, from preservatives to colours, starches, sweeteners and flavours. We will also offer valuable insights and presentations about market opportunities, strategies for brand success and the latest developments in natural and clean label ingredients.

Who should attend?

Clean Label 2018 targets marketers, researchers and formulators working in the food, beverage and dietary supplements sectors.


Corine Cochennec: Customer Technical Support at Solvay Aroma Performance
Corinne Duffy:
Technical Marketing Manager at Solvay Aroma Performance
Dana Wels:
Technical Laboratory Manager/Project Development at Herbafood Ingredients GmbH
David Gebhardt: Sales and Technical Service Manager at Herbafood Ingredients GmbH
Dr. Daniele Asioli: Lecturer in Consumer Studies, Applied Economics, Marketing and Development at University of Reading
Dr. Sophie Hieke: Head of Consumer Science at European Food Information Council (EUFIC)
Erin Boyd Kappelhof, MS, MPH, RDN: Managing Partner at Eat Well Global
Katy Askew: Senior editor at Foodnavigator
Liz Specht, PhD: Senior Scientist at The Good Food Institute
Maud Joassard: Operational Marketing Manager at Solvay Aroma Performance
Mike Tan: Business Manager at Solvay Aroma Performance
Morgan Laloux: Business Development Manager Consumer Health & Nutrition at Lonza
Niamh Michail: Innovation and Ingredients Editor​​ at Foodnavigator
Stéphane Vouche: Marketing Manager Consumer Health & Nutrition at Lonza
Wissame Essabri: Technical Research & Development Consultant at Leyton